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Golf Fan More Than Golfer

March 27, 2010

Truth be known I am more of a golf fan than a golfer.  I am a huge fan of the PGA tour.  I have been feverishly following the tour for about thirty years, from Arnold Palmer to Tiger Woods.

Rarely a week goes by that I don’t watch a golf tournament on television.  Tournament golf is ubiquitous on television.  The golf channel is a 24 hour cable channel dedicated to golf nuts like me.  This station transmits every golf tournament I want to see from the Masters (the Heavenly Golf tournament) to the obscure Myacoba tournament made up of absolutely no name players whatsoever.  Case in point Tiger Woods has won the Masters four times and millions tune in each year to watch it.  The Myacoba was won this year by Cameron Beckman (an almost unknown pro to all but the most avid golf fans like me).  I looked at the gallery during Beckman’s dramatic win and there must have been six people  in it, yet I was watching.  I must be bitten by the golf bug for sure!

Ben Hogan is a former tournament golf star who last won in 1955 and is deceased as of  1997, so why did I ever choose him as my instructor?  I never saw him on television.  Why not choose Tiger Woods?  Cameron Beckman?

Ben Hogan happens to be my favorite pro golfer.  I consider myself a golf historian of sorts.  I have read many books and biographies on golf particularly books on Ben Hogan.  I have read Hogan The Man Who Played For Glory by Gene Gregston, Hogan by Curt Sampson, and the only authorized biography Ben Hogan An American Life by James Dodson.  These three bios are all excellent and surprisingly different.  I feel that with all this reading I am a fairly reliable authority on Ben Hogan and this is why I chose him to be my instructor by way of golf instruction manual and from beyond the grave!

Another significant reason,a big one, is that we are both OCD I believe.  From my extensive reading about Ben Hogan I discovered his “Monklike” lifestyle.  From his fastidious dress, ie: immaculately pressed pants, pure white linen caps, and spit-polished shoes, to his unparalleled practice regimen, numerous rituals, and his striving for total perfection I can only deduce OCD!  Unfortunately, my OCD symptoms are more along the lines of counting and checking which are not necessarily conducive to improvement in golf skill but can be very helpful in totaling up the high scores on my scorecard!

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